New Trains 2020

A truly ambitious half a billion-pound programme, almost 10 years in the making.

LCRCA and Merseytravel, in partnership with Transport Focus and Stadler, have set a new standard in British train design; replacing the oldest trains in the country with a brand new, state of the art, publicly owned fleet.

We were appointed as the agency partner to deliver a long-term transport focused marketing strategy and creative campaign to generate awareness and engagement with the project.

Phased Delivery

Aligning the campaign strategy to the project timeline

We devised an initial creative strategy that centred around three phases;

1. Inform

Educate the audience on the project, including key milestones, and launch date

2. Engage

Alleviate customer tensions through targeted content promoting customer focussed benefits

3. Excite

A heavy push on the lifestyle benefits, creating a buzz and positive PR pre–launch

High Impact

Teaser Campaign

To launch the campaign, we delivered a high–impact, targeted digital teaser that generated a record level of engagement.

We generated a unique reach of 1,959,415.

Behind the Visuals

Crafting the Identity

We established a striking visual identity that was inspired by features of the new train, including the patterns on the seats, the colours of the onboard interface, and most notably, the dynamic LED light on the front of the carriage.

Phase Two

Features vs Benefits

Phase two, which is currently in development, will focus on the features and benefits of the new trains, designed to maintain engagement generated by the teaser.

We are developing a content strategy that centres around four marketing pillars, relating to key benefits of the new train, which will give us an anchor for messaging that can span across all media channels, including print, motion and web.

We will be partnering with a research team to generate qualitative data to drive a targeted media campaign.