The Story

A collaboration between two of the true giants of British cuisine

Having first worked together when Koffmann employed Pierre White at the legendary ‘La Tante Claire in 1984’, the two chefs have enjoyed a 30 year friendship and equally impressive careers, seeing them collect six Michelin stars between them.

Pierre and Marco joined forces once again in 2018 to bring their trademark ethos of ‘Simple food, cooked well’ to the English & French brasserie at the stunning Abbey Hotel in Bath.

“One of my deepest regrets was not spending more time with Pierre in the kitchen.

I am looking forward to being the apprentice once again.”

Marco Pierre White

The brand

Bringing the story to life

We were commissioned to bring this story to life through brand. The dual narrative of Koffmann & Pierre White bringing both an English & French influence played a key role in shaping the direction we took the brand in, and the link between this and the visual style is evident.

We developed a hallmark split page layout, pairing high contrast photography of key with lifestyle photography, allowing us to capture the spirit of the product and the occasion, without losing sight of the ‘simple food, cooked well’ ethos.
This concept is further driven through the copy, with headlines such as ‘Perfectly balanced’ and ‘Made for each other’.

Further Development

Onto the next chapter

The restaurant interior has a mid-century quality but feels thoroughly contemporary. A directed photoshoot has provided us with lifestyle photography of diners enjoying dishes in this romantic setting.

These images will feature in seasonal creative and key strategic campaigns throughout 2019.